Thursday, July 20, 2017

Maaike van den Abbeele @ Amsterdam Fashion Week

Maaike van den Abbeele presented her 'MA_ROOTS' collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week.
Inspired by an old photo of herself dressed as a fisher girl in Enkhuizen and her interest in the Dutch and Flemish painters of the Golden Age she showed an amazing collection full of details.

Royal Blue gown and finale  - Maaike van den Abbeele at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Using the colours of the national flags of The Netherlands and Belgium, Red, White, Blue, Black, and Yellow, the flowers of Golden Age paintings, gold, silver and lace, she showed her creativity and craftsmanship.
In this collection her love for print and pleats was seen in many looks.

Her use of silver, gold and black fabric was also a wink to the knights of the golden age.

Jan Davidsz. de Heem's still-life of flowers was used in one the designs of Maaike van den Abbeele making the dress not only a must-have for a fashionista but also a collector's item for a museum.

Jan Davidsz. de Heem painting in a dress by Maaike van den Abbeele at Amsterdam Fashion Week

The lion, the king of the animal kingdom and represented in the national coats of arms in The Netherlands and Belgium played a prominent role in her collection.

The Lion Kng in silver - Maaike van den Abbeele at Amsterdam Fashion Week

The Lion Kng in gold - Maaike van den Abbeele at Amsterdam Fashion Week

About Maaike van den Abbeele

Maaike is a young Belgium designer, aspiring to share her stories in the form of clothing and accessories. Fashion is her medium of choice to give form to her ideas. Although she also ventures outside the format of fashion to give rise to her ideas.

As a designer she wants to learn about others and be inspired by them. She will continue to make limited edition clothing, made with precious time and thought, to be cherished and used for a long time.

Maaike graduated in 2016 at KASK Ghent.

She uses prints, pleats, simple symmetrical shapes and classical patterns. Attempting to give her clothing a life of their own, she hopes new stories are created while they are being worn, forming lasting memories in the mind of their owner.

Source: Maaike van den Abbeele

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