'Dress me Up' at Whitebox Praxitelous

Wednesday evening Whitebox Praxitelous organized a 'Dress me up' event with designers like Dimitris Strepkos, Christina Skarpeli, Ourania Kay and Panos Apergis. Being at DWTS I missed the mini catwalk but here some photos of what I found when I arrived.
Christina Skarpeli with her design

Ourania Kay with her design

Design by Panos Apergis

Design by Celebrity Skin (Dimitris Strepkos & Eleni Mparla)

Design by Celebrity Skin

Anna Oikonomou of the Whitebox team with her interesting handbags
Handbags by Olga Mergou

Smaro Botsa of Whitebox's team with her designs

Vasiliki Syrma of the Whitebox team with her designs
'Dress me Up' at Whitebox Praxitelous 'Dress me Up' at Whitebox Praxitelous Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 12:24:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. hi there...tha bags under Anna's are Olga Mergou :) thanks for coming, hope you had a good time!

  2. Thank you so much Patricia.
    It was a really great day with great people in a great place!!!

    kiss & love

  3. Thanks for the support Patricia,
    nice seeing you again,too many people and I couldn't talk to you.
    ..next time?!!

  4. Thank you!
    And Jessica thanks for sending me the name of Olga. I put it with the photo.


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