The new shopping: Dior's virtual boutique

As we are staying home for #flattenthecurve, we are more on the world wide web than ever. Scrolling through news facts and dreaming for better days, longing for the days we can go shopping again.

Dior present box

Dior created a virtual beauty boutique and I love it. You can explore the store by walking in and have a closer look at the products, get informed about it and you can buy it immediately. Or enjoy and travel with the video clips to a wonderful feel moment, just by clicking on the play button at the parfums.

Boring websites with only products can learn a lot of this three-dimensional boutique in Paris!

Enjoy your tour through this amazing online boutique at Dior.

Dior Virtual Boutique
Welcome to Dior

The boutique will change six times a year. Not only the interior, but also the products. At the moment, the theme of spring is on display, full of flowers.

Looking for a video film to give you an impression I found some interesting episodes on the quest for essences, I like to share with you.
Enjoy beauty every moment!

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