A touch of impressionism by Patricia Munster

I am missing my visits to inspiring exhibitions at musea, like the wonderful exhibition 'The garden paintings' by Monet at Kunstmuseum in The Hague. The beautiful colours Claude Monet used in his paintings, the technics like you just caught a glimpse of it, just an impression and especially the bright and vibrant artworks.
I love impressionism, because it created a model for freedom. And I love freedom, realising that freedom hangs on a thread. At the moment in many countries people are not allowed to get outside their houses. Thankful that I am living in The Netherlands and I am allowed to get some fresh air.

Artistic Impression by Patricia Munster
Pink Blossom
As I love walking in nature and listening to the sounds. Sometimes quiet, sometimes a storm but always listening to the rhythm of my feet touching the ground. A bird whistle, a cow moos, a sheep bleats and a horse neighs. I am thankful for living near a beautiful park with all kind of animals and birds and we are not in a total lockdown.

Also I love to make beautiful work, being creative in anyway I can. So with my camera I walked around and I love a challenge. With the use of Abstract Paint FX by Giallo via Design Cuts I created this impressionistic artwork.

White blossom in spring
White blossom

Blossom trees in Spring
Blossom trees
Which one is your favourite? Should I make more?

Get inspired by Claude Monet.

Besides Claude Monet's artworks I love works by Albert Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas. Who is your favourite impressionist?
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