Phannatiq's Spring-Summer 2013 Collection inspired ethically produced womenswear for those who don't do shiny.
Photo by Grace Pun featuring Cleo Wood
 Phannatiq announced the launch of our spring/summer'13 collection exclusion.
It is a characteristically playful yet bold direction in exquisite cross town style.

Crafted from their signature hand printed textiles, the collection showcases a modern sense of feminine beauty through its use of anti-fit cutting alongside more traditional body shaping hand dyed and employing organic cotton, silk muslins and jerseys, bamboo and recycled leather, this ethically produced collection is proud to be daring in its forms whilst maintaining a very wearable and easy going style for the pavement
population who aren't interested in shiny press studs and rivets run throughout the collection sitting side by side with delicate and sheer fabrics, layered prints, and reverse details its unique garments, sassy outlook and ever present nod to androgyny continuing the new direction for cross genre apparel.
Alongside the collection, Phannatiq is pleased to present their ss13 short film at Somerset house. Partnering with really creative media, and showcasing the talents of freerunner Mitch Lee, the film is a playful depiction of the collection and also phannatiq's design influences currently in its fourth season, Phannatiq is the brain child of Anna Skodbo who launched the label in february 2011 and has since had a presence at both London and Paris fashion weeks.

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