Fong Leng: Fashion & Art @ Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum opened today the exhibition Fong Leng - Fashion & Art designs from Fong Leng, including recent and not previously shown.

Fashion designer and artist Fong Leng is " la grande dame" in the fashion circuit of the 70s and 80s of the twentieth century in the Netherlands.
With her quirky creations and dazzling fashion shows she gains fame in the Netherlands and abroad.

Fong Leng & Mathilde Willink

In the colorful 70s Fong Leng opens her store in the PC Hooftstraat, Amsterdam. A boutique where the society of the Netherlands and other fashion lovers came often.
One of them is Mathilde Willink (1938-1977) , wife of painter Carel Willink. With the creations of Fong Leng Mathilde is a striking presence in the streets of Amsterdam.
The exhibition includes among other the leopard coat (1973) of Mathilde.

Characteristic for the designs of Fong Leng is the combination of different materials such as leather and silk. Additionally she adds handicraft techniques like appliqué and pleating.
Fong Leng calls her designs pieces of art.
Besides these impressive creations Fong Leng also designs more wearable clothing, less labor-intensive.

For the first time the Amsterdam Museum presents recent work from the private collection of Fong Leng alongside creations from its own collection of this artistic designer.

Still Fong Leng is inspiring new generations with her designs.

The exhibition is until the 16th of March 2014 at Amsterdam Museum, Kalverstraat 92.
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