RECONSTRUCT @ Amsterdam Fashion Week

The collective RECONSTRUCT showed their second collection on the 27th edition of the Amsterdam Fashion Week for spring-summer 2018. The collection was inspired by strengths and powers based on Anime. The collection can be traced back into three stages: Couture, Culture and Division Wear. These stages were also embedded into the catwalk.

Division wear at Reconstruct at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Couture Wear is all about showstoppers, one-of-a-kind designs with extraordinary fabric manipulations. Reconstruct designed a corset body piece in which they implemented the classic Chuck Taylor, while remaining the unique features.

Culture Wear is all about the now, what is buzzing on the streets, what does the contemporary youth want and what are they wearing. While focusing on sports- and leisurewear the designers created garments with a more commercial approach. Creating a reconstructed new silhouette of the iconic Chuck Taylor.

Division wear is based on incorporating work wear alongside functional clothing. Clothing with multiple stages and functions, pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, with multiple layers and reversible sides. As an example this can be seen in the different styles life vests and the reconstructed iconic Chuck Taylors that are transformed into feminine army boots.

The show started by reconstructing the entire stage as well as incorporating a black-hooded army, entirely designed by the collective, who later joined as a part of the catwalk choreography. The strikingly disruptive visuals alongside an industrial soundscape paved the way for the models to showcase the collection. 

Black hooded army at Reconstruct at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Reconstruct at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Reconstruct at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Reconstruct at Amsterdam Fashion Week

RECONSTRUCT believes it’s crucial to show the youth of today and the youth in the upcoming future that being an unique individual is a good thing and that they should always strive for greatness. RECONSTRUCT is consistently involving youth into their creative process and are continuously looking for new challenges by observing their surroundings.
By recreating sub cultures in each collection RECONSTRUCT puts themselves on the frontline but most importantly the current youth.


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Set Design: Dennis van der Broeck
Styling: Jean Paul Paula
Graphic Design / Visuals: Giorgio Lieuw-on & Chris van Gils
Music: Giorgio Lieuw-On

Special thanks to Converse.

Text source: press release
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