Christian Louboutin's 'The Power of Femininity'

Impressed by the photos of Peter Lipmann for Christian Louboutin's new shoe collection winter 2011-2012 "The Power of Femininity" I like to share it with you.

Based on "Madeleine à la veilleuse" by George de La Tour with 'Puke'-booty van Christian Louboutin.  
The classic portraits with Christian Louboutin shoes are based on the works by French painter Marie-Guillemin Benoist, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Georges de La Tour and Jean-Marc Nattier and the Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbarán. Here a few of them.

"Saint Dorothea of Caesarea" by Francisco de Zurbanan with '8 Mignon'-stiletto

"Portrait of a Girl" by the french painter Jean Babtiste Camille Corot with 'Halte'-pump of Christian Louboutin.
"Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour" by Jean Marc Nattier with 'Artemis' leopard handbag
And two paintings by Francois Clouet
“Elizabeth of Austria”  with on her lap Catalina clunch and the Pigalilli platform pump with gold stiletto

The mother of American painter James Whistler is given in the portrait "Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother" instead of a handkerchief the "Tootsie'-ankle boots in her hand.
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