Anselm Reyle meets Dior

Fashion and art have always been inextricably intertwined—think of Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 Mondrian dress, or the designs Elsa Schiaparelli conjured in the 1930s from sketches by Salvador Dalí. In the past few years, Art Basel Miami Beach has proven a perfect venue to showcase the marriage of fashion house and artist, and among the hottest to debut this month surely will be the accessories collection courtesy of a collaboration between Christian Dior and Anselm Reyle.
Anselm Reyle created a capsule collection with handbags, shoes and sunglasses for Dior.

Anselm Reyle has also been given a free rein to design Dior's new seasonal collectible - the Camouflage Eyeshadow Palette, so called because of the camouflage motif he designed to be etched into the hand-pressed powder colour.

Famous for his large scale abstract paintings and found object sculptures, Reyle's signature themes are stripes and the camouflage pattern, which he has reinterpreted for Dior in modern and daring colours - a mix of violet, grey and black. The neo-Punk tones offer scope for matte and shimmer effects, and together create a dramatic smoky finish.

The way the iconic camouflage pattern has been used outside of a military context has always fasincated Reyle because of the way it loses its original meaning. His use of it for Dior certainly has a different role to concealment: this time it's designed to attract standout attention, and in that respect it's beauty version of a 'smokescreen'.

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