Social Fashion Monsters @ Brick Lane Gallery

The Brick Lane Gallery in London is proud to present the fourth ART IN MIND group show for 2014 – OTHER WORLDS: Social Fashion Monsters.
This exhibition brings together a collection of talented international and UK based contemporary artists each exploring different interpretations of the world(s) we live in, whether that be the abstracted urban environments seen in ELENA KOZHEVIKOVA’s paintings or ANDY GASHE’S lightboxes, the influence of a childhood by the ocean in DYFED PRITCHARD’S sculptures, or the exploration of dream-like fantasy worlds through CECLIA GRANATA’S Zombies or ANNA CORTADA and DANA KATHY’S Monsters.

The exhibition will be until the 16th of March

From London, ANDY GASHE has focused on his reaction to this urban environment. A response, not only to the transitional almost pastoral moments that show how light and shadow can break up the ordinary view, transforming solid forms into flickering fragments but also the darker grittier side to this city. It is a Gashe pays homage to the tower block and the billboard; scratching the many-layered surfaces that surround us in an attempt to show this strange paradox between fragility and brutality which leads to the recreation of both real and imagined landscapes.

ANNA CORTADA combines the ideas of dreams and the social, political and economical chaos that surrounds us into this surreal series presented in OTHER WORLDS. The physical creation of the Social Fashion Monsters and the transformation from paintings to outfits happens the following way: the paintings become outfits because they are disassembled and the painted fabric acquires the shape and the patrons of the monsters. The painted fabric of the paintings therefore becomes alive and transforms into monsters.

CECILIA GRANATA earned her BFA in Illustration at School of Visual Arts, NY, in 2007. She's been working since then as a freelance illustrator, painter and tattoo artist, living between Italy and the US. She bases the structure of her work around a personal concept or story that she wants to explore through the medium of paint. From there, Granata proceeds to shape the idea into a visual form, where each element enriches the basic hint of different nuances, suggestions, allusions.

Spanish artist DANA KATHY presents her series ‘Minifreakz’ where she creates figures that tell a story. Every figure has a name, a family and a story. Some of them are happy, some are very upset, and others are simply disappointed. They are imperfect creatures that are upset with the world, and although she is highlighting current issues, she does so in a colourful way.

DYFED PRITCHARD is an International Trans-Atlantic Expat having grown up in Italy, America and Denmark and based in the UK for the last 15 years. Growing up by the ocean DYFED PRITCHARD’s work continues to be influenced by the energy and life presented by the sea. DYFED will present two sculptures in this exhibition which are part of a continuing series of pieces that imaginatively explore the creatures found in aquatic and coastal environments.

From Italy, DAVIDE CANEPA believes in the need for mankind to develop primarily as single individuals, who must question everything starting from their lives and recognizing their non-equality and natural uniqueness. Canepa challenges this idea for fear that otherwise we will always serve sacred ideas that will only create groups of totally abstract creatures - servants of their own insignificant destiny.

Visiting us all the way from Bulgaria, DILYANA BELCHEVA was once a witness to the destruction of concrete structures on the beach. This provoked Belcheva to create artistic decisions refracted in her eyes. Throughout her works she wanted to express the effect of the endless march of time. Changes that apply not only to the live nature but also to inanimate nature as well and the destructive power it can have, which creates new forms.

Born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, ELENA KOZHEVIKOVA’s works are the incarnation of her attitude to life and the world. Kozhevikova takes inspiration from the natural world around her, and the nature of freedom, which is important in her hometown where the spirit of liberty is always in the air, always been embodied by the huge fields and open spaces of her childhood.

From Bali, SANTI PERMANA makes sure that every picture has a story through faces we all recognise. Taken from social human activities around us, Permana gathers inspiration from celebrities, pop culture to infamous religious figures to name a few. SUSAN CARNAHAN is an artist, mother and wife based in NYC. She explores the nature of relationships and the perpetual shifting dynamics between people and their various roles. As an artist, she has examined roles and ideas from the perspective of a child. Now, as a parent, she is able to see herself in the role of her own mother, gaining a better understanding of how these cycles come together, full circle.
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