Mara Desipri meets fashion bloggers for Häagen-Dazs ad campaign

Mara Desipri captured greek fashion bloggers for Häagen-Dazs, inspired by the philosophy of «Nothing to hide», since the ice cream is made from real cream and milk from France, carefully sourced ingredients from around the world, no artificial colors & no artificial fragrances.

Häagen-Dazs garnered modern and dynamic girls with fashion blogs, nominated in the category «most promising blogs» contest and created a stunning fashion editorial.

Fashion photographer Mara Desipri, fashion editor Michael Pandos, hair stylist Chris Bairampas and makeup artist Marita Politou worked as a team to create the most beautiful images and succeeded!

The colors of the clothes were all inspired by the flavors of Häagen-Dazs ice cream and they used clothes with romantic elements to emphasize the «Nothing to hide» purity and "transparency" of the raw materials of ice cream Haagen Dazs.

All the clothes are by greek designers and participating blogs are «lemon cake» by Christina Korovessi, «Shoprano» by Chrysianna Andriopoulou, «Fashion closet» by Georgia Lavranou, «Mysteriusebibliothecaire» by Athena Koutromanou, «The blame on mame» by Katerina Dymenou and Irini Siasou, «Surf addict fashionista "by Rea Papathanasiou, « Muse rebelle » by Alexandra Drakou.

With individual and group shots, the fashion bloggers enjoyed the experience of shooting while tasting their favorite Häagen-Dazs. As you see in the pictures, style met summer and flavour, creation through a process that seemed to particularly rejoiced the bloggers and the styling team.
This editorial fashion could be a campaign of international standards, it was an idea of ​​Häagen-Dazs.

Katerina Dymenou and Irini Siasou in designs by Deux Hommes

Georgia Lavranou in a design by Sotiris Georgiou

Christina Korovessi in a design by Marianna G

Athena Koutromanou in a design by Deux Hommes

Alexandra Drakou in a design by Celia Kritharioti

Rea Papathanasiou in a design by Jen's Pirate booty

Chrysianna Andriopoulou in a design by Mi-Ro

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