‘Paintings’ with make up products by Red Hong Yi

Just saw some inspiring paintings made by make up and like to share them here with you. Red Hong Yi is the artist behind this creative artwork.

Going through her work see did also some amazing work with flowers and food. So scroll down to see all of it.

with flowers

with red cabbage
And haven't seen enough yet? See more of her work on her site and blog!

Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname ‘Red’, is a Malaysian artist-architect. She was given the nickname because her name, Hong, sounds like the word ‘red’ in Mandarin.

Red’s grandparents and father left Shanghai, China in the ’60s during the start of the Cultural Revolution and moved to Malaysia where she was born and raised.
Growing up, she heard stories about how life in China, but never imagined that one day she would find herself going to China to work. After graduating from university in Australia, she took up an offer to work for Australian architecture firm HASSELL in their Shanghai office, and was completely taken with the city. The city’s contradicting charms and chaos inspired her to start creating art using local everyday materials as her medium.
Known as the artist who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush’, her works have been featured by media around the world including Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC, CNN, NBC and the Daily Mail. Her works have been viewed by millions on both Youtube and Youku.

Red currently runs her own design studio and lives and works between Shanghai and Malaysia. She wants to continue to use mundane, ordinary and often overlooked objects to make beautiful art and through her art and the internet, connect people throughout the world.

Source: her website/blog and instagram 
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