Happiness is a direction

Opening my mailbox I found this great picture about happiness. Reminding me that today we celebrate the International Day Of Happiness. Asking to join the movement for a happier world. Share happiness and be part of something amazing. Happiness is a direction. Probably you know it. Being happy happens more often when you choose to be and when you choose to remove your doubts.
So let's create a world-wide flow of happiness.

Happiness, a mystery that philosophers, writers and thinkers in history have tried to solve. An idea that has remained since Aristotle's years, teaching that "Happiness depends on ourselves".

In addition, recent Harvard University research findings have shown that positive thinking may affect performance and have a positive impact on day-to-day life. Happiness: a pan-human issue that touches all of us. Whatever your approach, one thing is certain: blessings of pleasure of the power of beauty can act like a monopoly towards happiness.


Do you agree with the manifest of Lancome:

Manifest for being happy Lancome
Celebrating International Day of Happiness

So knowing the best is yet to come makes life great!

Photos courtesy of L'Oréal
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