10 Best Fashion Trends for 2019

To be honest I love to look at the new looks for 2019 and what is trending. Not only in fashion but in many things but as my blog is about fashion. I will share the 10 Best Fashion Trends for 2019!

It doesn't mean I follow the trends, I look at it and when I like it I will adopt it. As the look I saw on Valentino's Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Show. I love the style and the colours! It looks elegant and comfortable as you can see in the photo.

10 Best Fashion Trends  - Valentino SS2019
Valentino Spring-Summer 2019 (Photo by Getty Images)

In the beginning of a new year is the time to have a closer look at my closet. Are my clothes still fashionable, elegant and/or trendy? Do they make me look elegant, confident, powerful and feminine. Do I feel comfortable wearing them? My criteria for a perfect wardrobe.

I choose the clothes I haven't worn in 2018 and probable I will not wear in the future. These items I bring to the recycle or clothing bank.

So what is now missing from my wardrobe according to the fashion trends for 2019?

After watching the fashion shows of well-known designers and reading magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and WWD I like to share you my findings of the trends for 2019.

Let us not forget about the color of the year 2019, choosing by Pantone. Pantone provides a universal language of color that enables color-critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers. And not only for the fashion industry.

The color of the year 2019 is PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral. It is cheerful and bright!

1. The oversized puffers seems to be here to stay, if you haven't one yet time to get one as sales is on!
Puffer jacket - YellowPuffer jacket with Chain Leather bagPuffer - Chain Jewellery - Anna Nooshin

2.  Bright and vivid colours, as the puffers above.

3.  Tight pleats, as in the skirt by Valentino in the first photo of this post.

4.  Ruffles

5. Fringing, not only in clothing but also in accessories like the handbag in the first photo.

6. Natural animal prints

7. Jumpsuits with top stitching, big buttons and statement buckles

8. Tuxedos

9. Puffed shoulders

10. Tie dye, I agree I am not a fan of tie dye but when I saw this dress by Dior I enjoyed watching it! And seeing the making of I was impressed! I will share the video on my Facebook page!

Tie dye at Dior Spring-Summer 2019
Dior Spring-Summer 2019
With this information I will go shopping! And I will do my best to share my findings with you!
So keep following me!
And tell me what your favourite trend of 2019 is!
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