Introducing sea Ilakati, a greek fashion brand

At this time of the year I am longing for a hot and sunny summer. By dreaming of summer I enjoy having a closer look at the summer collections. I came up with a greek brand specialised in summer clothing using natural materials, like cotton and linen.

Sea Lakati white linen dress

Sofia Berli established in 2015 the greek fashion brand sea ILakati. She was inspired by traditional techniques and the love for designer clothing, she puts her artistic talent in her brand. She and her team prefer to work with natural materials like organic cotton, silk and linen.

The brand's name contains "sea" it stands for the summer, as the fashion brand launches only summer collections. Sofia loves the summer, it takes her a step closer to nature and to the greek sun.
"Ilakati" is a distaff, an old tool to make yarn out of wool, referring to the brand's traditional techniques. Did you know that the distaff has been a symbol of female power? One of the symbols of the Greek Goddess Athena is the distaff (besides the olive tree, the spear and the aegis).

Women on Patmos
by Jean Baptiste Vanmour 1700-1737
(courtesy of Rijksmuseum)
Holding a distaff (ilakati)

So by reading this you may think why only summer collections?
In the summer the greek islands are flooded with tourists so shops are looking for authentic and creative clothing from and for the greek market. And the tourists love to buy greek clothing. By wearing it back home they remember the easy-going of the greek islands and feel relaxed!

Sea Lakati - greek fashion brand

Sea Ilakati aims for the women who appreciates the finest things in life, enjoys adventure, new discoveries and less traveled roads. The Ilakati woman has a distinct bold spirit, a sure rhythm, curiosity, and freedom, embedded with the natural lifestyle and the tendency of an explorer to discover the hidden magic.

Sea ILakati creations believes that designers, creators, yarns and fabrics are a family that works harmoniously to give each piece of life, history, existence, soul. The sense of respect for the fabrics and materials they use, along with the knowledge and the experience of the designers, turns the fabric into an artwork that you can enjoy everyday by just wearing it!

Simple and comfortable lines, yet impressive with a boho twist are the elements of Sea Ilakati Spring Summer Collection 2019. Play with colourful stripes and checks, in intense colour contrasts, and combine all of them together like a frenzied party on the sandy beach.
For more information visit the website or enjoy the lookbook.

SEA Ilakati Spring-Summer 2019 collection
Spring-Summer 2019
When you are not travelling to Greece or you didn't find a shop selling the brand clothing, you can buy your favourite item on line!

And when you want to stay up to date about the brand follow them on Instagram!

Photos of Sea Lakati: courtesy of the fashion brand.

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