Preta Wolzak & Bas Kosters in Museum Rijswijk

Impressive and inspiring are the two words that came up to me during my visit to Wolzak & Kosters serious international business exhibition in Museum Rijswijk.

Wolzak & Koster - Serious International Business - Museum Rijswijk

Looking at the art works of Preta Wolzak, you just keep looking. So many details, so well executed, so stylish and so impressive. The handicraft is amazing! Many works by Bas Kosters gave me a smile on my face and remind me of the innocence and open-mindedness of children.
By the way I would love to have his flowers in my home!

Museum Rijswijk opened the first duo-exhibition of Preta Wolzak & Bas Kosters and it will be on display from 12 Februari to 31 March 2019.

The connection between the two artists are the urgent need to create. Both artists have their own unique view of the world: one from within self-love, the other from adoration of militant women and their protests against injustices in this world.
Both artists use textile and embroidery techniques in their work.

It's about the craziness of mankind. I think, there should be places in the world that are free from all the bad deeds of man. 
Preta Wolzak

With her art, Wolzak points a finger at the exploitation of the pristine polar region and the unknown women who fight to preserve the lands. Her protest takes place in the form of leather, sequins and embroidery on canvas, on a background of photographic and drawn images.
A similar protest can be found in her portrait series Ma Petite Inuit, of the original inhabitants, the first victims of climate change and tourism. The Bèta Angels series is a tribute to forgotten women in science, while the Fighting Females show women who acted against humanitarian and environmental abuses.

Fighting Females by Preta Wolzak - Museum Rijswijk

I have the urge to make a party of everything in life, put a bow around it, or decorate it, which I also recognize in the work of Preta.
Bas Kosters

Kosters presents tapestries, drawings and soft sculptures, including a new series of works about self-love called "Quest for self-love". Those who look closely at his work notice that Kosters not only has a rebellious side, but that commitment and love form the foundation of his work.

Quest for self-love is about the importance of self-appreciation at a time when everyone is looking for validation from the outside world. Kosters also shows work from the series Tears are the glitters of life, in which the tear not only symbolizes grief but demonstrates how important it is to embrace emotions.

I was impressed by the story Bas Kosters told us about a giant tapestry. The used fabrics are clothes from his late father. Also in this piece of art a coat is fabricated. His father was proud to wear his clothes, so he was very eye-catching at the municipality of his hometown.

Bas Kosters presents this tapestry of his late father's wardrobe

My photo review of the opening but the photos don't justify the beauty of the art works, so you have definitely plan a visit to the museum in Rijswijk!

Bas Koster gets his inspiration from inside his mind

Official opening of Serious International Business - Wolzak & Kosters - Museum Rijswijk

Serious International Business - Wolzak & Kosters - Museum Rijswijk

Bas Kosters

Flowers by Bas Kosters

Communication Tapestry by Bas Kosters

Bèta Angels by Preta Wolzak

Fighting Females by Preta Wolzak - Museum Rijswijk

Museum Rijswijk - the official opening of Wolzak & Kosters

Wolzak & Kosters

Kids are welcome!

Bas Kosters and Preta Wolzak

Some artworks are for sale! But as Bas Kosters said: "I hope you did some savings!"

Baroque by Preta Wolzak
This one by Preta Wolzak is definitely one of my favourites! 

Duo exhibition Preta Wolzak & Bas Kosters
Exhibition: 12 February - 31 March, 2019
Museum Rijswijk, Herenstraat 67, 2282 BR Rijswijk
Open: Tuesday - Sunday 11-17
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