Kaia Gerber: Wanted for Glow

Tom Pechaux, Global Beauty Director for YSL Beauté answers all the questions about the new products of the brand and about how the make up was applied for the 2019 campaign for YSL.

David Sims lensed Kaia Gerber, Staz Lindes and Zoë Kravitz' glow for the ad campaign of YSL Touche Eclat 2019.

Touche Eclat was launched back in 1992. Since that moment 'the golden pen' with a magical formula had the power to clarify and highlight in just a few strokes. As a milestone in makeup innovations, the favourite of many makeup artists and has been widely used ever since.

Touche Eclat Radiant Touch is used as a highlighter to strengthen the contours of your face, give light and create volume where the shadow falls; and today a new chapter starts in the Touche Eclat collection.

As said before, YSL Beauté launches new additions, including the Touche Eclat High Cover, a new clarifying concealer to camouflage the complexion a little more.

Enjoy reading the Q&A with Tom Pecheux, Global Beauty Director for YSL Beauté.

It has been loved and adored by makeup artists (and consumers!) for over 25 years. Do you remember the first time you “met” Touche Eclat?

I do! I met it before it was famous. A long time ago when makeup was all about looking “normal”, suddenly this new product arrived which was light, face-friendly and had this lovely mix of providing both luminosity and coverage. As you may know about my makeup, I love glowing, healthy-looking skin, and this product was perfect for that. When it launched, in France and in Europe, in general the look was very much about “no makeup makeup”. With its click-click pen, and heavenly brush, here was a tool that made the wearer look like all she did was take great care of her skin!

How do you like to use Touche Eclat Radiant Touch?

I use it where it is needed and when it is needed – it is not designed to answer every makeup need, but for when the skin is a little sad and grey or you need a good illuminator with a little camouflage, it is perfect. It is a very gentle way to highlight.

How do you like to use the new Touche Eclat High Cover? 

This is the perfect product to use under your eyes or if you have dark eyelids. Sometimes, putting on a foundation can feel a little thick, especially if your skin is in great condition but all you need is a little spot coverage. I like to apply it before foundation for two reasons:
• Firstly, psychologically you always feel better straight away if you cover up the dark circles, spots or other imperfections on your face.
• Secondly, you are likely to use less foundation if you apply Touche Eclat High Cover first.
For super perfect skin, I will cover first with Touche Eclat High Cover, then use foundation where needed, and then finally add a very light touch of Touche Eclat Radiant Touch on top to bring extra light to the under eye area.

How do you choose the right shade of Touche Eclat High Cover?

It depends what you are trying to cover. If you are aiming to cover dark circles under your eyes, the general rule is to look for a slightly paler shade than your natural skin tone. If you want to cover pimples, the hardest thing is to hide the volume of the imperfection. Where it is raised on the skin, it will naturally catch the light, which makes it look bigger. So it is a good idea to pick a shade of Touche Eclat High Cover that isn’t lighter than your own skin tone. If it is a really bad pimple, I suggest taking a Q-Tip and with a little powder, dot the pimple as a finishing touch with a powder to make sure that the dome of the spot doesn’t catch the light and reflect it.

The Shimmer Sticks give a touch of glamour to an evening look. How would you use them during the day?

They are fabulous for the day, especially when applied on the décolleté because they highlight a beautiful décolleté or nice looking shoulder bones and you could even use a darker shade as a bronzer. They are also great to wear on the face, creating the impression of a bigger surface, so perfect on cheekbones or on a small forehead. I’ve even used them on a broad nose as, if you apply in a thin vertical line on the bridge of the nose they can be very flattering.

Tell us about Kaia... what did you enjoy about this new campaign for Touche Eclat?

Kaia is a dream to work with, she is fun, well-educated and insanely professional, especially when you consider she is still only 17! She has naturally very beautiful skin that is healthy and glowing, which epitomises the values of Touche Eclat. But like anyone, she can get tired, particularly during the runway season, so that’s when the cover-up is good, when her schedule is intense. For this campaign, Kaia was resting on top of a golden car, so I wanted to capture a certain radiance within her skin. I opted for a nude lip colour and a little makeup on the eyes so that the focus is still the great quality of her complexion and the highlighted cheeks. But you can see she still has a daring side to her.

Staz Lindes and Zoë Kravitz for YSL Beaute
YSL Beauté, Staz Lindes and Zoë Kravitz
Can you describe the makeup look for Zoë and Staz?

For me, the essence of this campaign is about letting the light shine through. You know, we always talk about “inner beauty”; we say to each other, “You shine!” or “You glow!” and that’s what I wanted to see here. It’s all about transparency, and that’s what Touche Eclat is all about too, because it’s the product which doesn’t create a barrier between the outside and the inside. There’s no “wall” to block the light, and it’s almost more like a natural filter which increases our inner light. The key to the look is to use different shades of Touche Eclat – it’s perfect because it’s sheer, creamy-textured but not greasy, and the colours fit the skin perfectly.

Kaia Gerber #wantedforglow
Kaia Gerber

How did you achieve Zoë’s look?

I started by massaging Zoë’s skin, cleansing and moisturizing to give a naturally glowing complexion. Then I used the Touche Eclat High Cover to help to erase any imperfections, following with Touche Eclat Radiant Touch and a Shimmer Stick to create a highlighter effect and bring a glow to the face, which is all about transparency and softness. I added a little bit of black Couture Eyeliner and mascara to frame the eyes, and a touch of Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones to give a slight bronzing effect. On the lips I used Dessin Des Lèvres for a very natural looking effect.

What do you like about the campaign in terms of how it expresses the spirit and style of today’s YSL Beauté woman?

I love the image we created for this campaign, with this beautiful backlighting which creates a golden glow and the way Zoë and Staz have a perfect synergy. I think there is a freedom, a lightness of spirit, and a wonderful energy in today’s YSL Beauté woman, and I think we achieved that mood in this shoot.


Photos courtesy of © Yves Saint Laurent
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