Construction - Deconstruction by Apostolis Zolotakis

Today Apostolis Zolotakis opened at the Herakleidon Museum his exhibition of paintings and mixed media "Construction  - Deconstruction".

"The artworks form a mysterious journey with, as starting point, the Digital Image, which in our time is rapidly and continuously evolving. Its use in communicating information is so dynamic that it often cancels out the information itself. Technology now surpasses nature although its original purpose was to serve as a means of representing nature. The use of computers in processing and altering a film or a photograph creates such fine results that a new reality is formed, which is even more 'true' than the one the human eye captures when observing the world. Apostolis aims to demonstrate the real substance of this 'new truth'.

The artist leads the observer into processes of transformation, allowing his creations to alternate between order and chaos. He researches the digital image, focusing on its structural elements, the dots. His compositions invite us to plunge in and research their structure, asking ourselves if we are witnessing a moment of construction or deconstruction." (source:

Looking at the artworks it would be interesting prints for textile...Some reminding me of an ocean of blue...

Apostolis told me that he is preparing something special for his next exhibition at the Herakleidon Museum and I can't wait to see his new project. I will keep you informed.
This exhibition is until the 23rd of March ( Curator of the exhibition is Alexandra van der Staaij
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