Fairytale...design at Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation

Today at 12 o'clock at Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, in Athens, is the opening of  'Fairytale...Design' an exhibition with fairy costumes and fairy creations by the students and designers of PANSIK Fashion School.
The Story-teller Sasa Voulgari inspires the designers of PANSIK Fashion School with her fairytales.

On the occasion of 200 years since the first publication of Brother Grimm fairytales and the festivity of 20 years since Sasa’s Voulgari first narration, Sasa Voulgari in cooperation with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation are organizing a fairy-festivity with fairy collaborations! Graduated students and current students from PANSIK Fashion School, they create an exhibition with theatrical objects, drawings and costumes.
Cinderella’s closet, Rapunzel’s combs, Witch’s vases, the shoe-case of the 7 dwarfs, the enormous sole of the Giant, mirrors, gloves, secret seeds, magic boxes and trunks… 

An exhibition with fairy objects, drafts and various surprises, all being inspired by fairytales. The exhibition is until Sunday the 6th of January 2013, opening hours 18:00 - 22:00, free entrance.
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