Introducing We come one - a creative community

Today I had the pleasure to visit We come one, a creative community in Plaka in the center of Athens.

We come one is an initiative of four young artists, Matina, Dusanka, Evgenia and Vangelis,  joining their creativity in their own fields.

We come one is comprised by two basic categories. The first one is the free service and the second
one the gallery.

The free service is about a web site hosting design, art and creativity. It is a world in which you can explore, but also for you to design, to create, and to find rare creations of young artists. To inform and to get informed.

The team of We come one is emerged from the need for extraversion, openness, communication and contact with the society through creative paths. Bright paths in a grey and foggy environment, heading for an uncertain future.
We come one aims to be a the meeting point with room for everyone.

This point of meeting comprises all those who are expressing themselves either by creating or by enjoying creations, those who are interested and deal with art and design as well as those who just wish to have good time in an interactive environment which is conversing with itself, with all the others around it and with each and every one of us separately.
In a period of financial crisis where the most of us can't fulfill, not even our basic needs but also in the middle of a social crisis, lacks imagination, truth and meaning. In a period which is characterized by inequality and loneliness, shortage of autonomy as well as expression of the original feeling, the aim of cyber space we come one is to offer to everybody the experience in design and to help in creating a community of inspiration which will be composed by citizens of the world and where all of us could become one, in a creative way and through original, legitimate and equal procedures

The free service is a modern web studio of applied arts which covers needs in the fields of interior design (study - decoration of interior spaces), of graphic design, of styling / fashion design and shortly of photography design. The visitor will have the possibility of receiving free advice and designing proposals. On a second phase he can receive an analytical and thorough
study in everything he is interested in, just with a nominal fees. It's extremely important to stress the point that these services will be provided by specialized, accomplished and estimated professionals with respect towards their art and their visitors. These benefits will be offered throughout the day aiming to cover the needs of each moment.
The second category of we come one is the creations gallery. This gallery will be the space of meeting between creation and creators. Unique hand made artistic creations for every use (jewelry - clothing - objects - furniture - sculpture - piece of arts) will be hosted in this site and will give everybody the opportunity of getting knowing them as well as of acquiring them , inserting in this way, not only in visitor's life but also in his friends one, the hand made creation and the diversity in a very simply way, by just making a click.
"Therefore, all together become one. We become first. We change the prospective of things and of situations. Moreover, we change the way of seeing life and design. The most important though is that along with all these we are mainly changing our one life." Source:

Some photos of the creations at the gallery in Plaka.

Paris Dimitriou can decorated the walls of a room and with the following items you can make your own story. These one are based on well known fairy tales.
By Papiera
By Ping Pong Design
By Di Depux
By Nadia Bela
By Vassiliki Syrma
By Dusanka Duric a zero-waste design. Also the following designs are by Dusanka Duric.

This dress is unique in its kind and zero waste! Creating 200 hunderd dresses with no waste at all.

Dusanka is aiming on improving the fashion industry by showing her fellow designers that with creativity and innovation you can work for a better environment. In her collection she is also working with materials that are dirt defensive so less detergent.
A visit to the gallery is worth while!
So many items to see, to be inspired, to try on and maybe to buy one of them!
For visiting hours visit the website of We come one.

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