Natalie Portman at Miss Dior Exhibition in Paris

Natalie Portman was present together with celebrities from the world of art, fashion and movies at the Vernissage of Miss Dior.

The Miss Dior exhibition showcases the timeless, modern character of this fragrance. The exhibition traces a dialogue between Art and Dior, eternal ally to artists.
Fifteen female artists have been invited to freely interpret the signature codes of Miss Dior. These artists pay tribute not only to one of the greatest couturiers of all time, but also to the subversive spirit of a perfume that has earned its place in history.

The Miss Dior exhibition unlocks the secrets of the mythical perfume. Organised into themes, the exhibition weaves together the many sources of inspiration behind the legendary legacy of Christian Dior.
Fifteen women artists, among them  Lara Baladi, Carole Benzaken, Lee Bul and Joana Vasconcelos have been invited to be inspired by the first Dior Parfume from 1947 and were given carte blanche.
Their art work is presented in the exposition at Grand Palais between 13 - 25 november 2013.
(3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris, Free admission)

This video is from the opening night at Grand Palais, Paris, for the Miss Dior exhibition. With Natalie Portman, Sophie Marceau, Karl Lagerfeld, Gala Gonzales and others.

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