Vrettos Vrettakos @ Kazakhstan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

On the 24th of October Greek Fashion Designer Vrettos Vrettakos particpated at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week in Almaty, at the luxurious hall of the multifunctional complex Almaty Towers.

For four days it was the epicenter of fashionable life in Kazakhstan, collections of leading local designers, as well as guests from Belarus, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Russia , Ukraine and Estonia.

But let us have a look at the collection Savage Beauty by Vrettos Vrettakos.


About KFW - Kazakhstan Fashion Week

The history of Kazakhstan Fashion Week began in 2003, when the team of young and vigorous specialists, with brilliant track records of biggest and well - realized projects, gathered to change Kazakhstan fashion industry, from the illusive phenomenon at that moment, to the powerful cultural event, which will be possible to inspire for new undertakings.

Surely, this new beginning completely acquitted itself. Just with appearance of KFW, the population of Kazakhstan has begun to realize about existence of Kazakhstan designers. Names of designers and their original esthetics, with every new season became more and more recognizable.

In 2007 when Almaty Fashion Week was officially renamed into Kazakhstan Fashion Week, the fashion culture in the country achieved incredible rates of development. Kazakhstan Fashion Week was visited by designers from Europe and Asia with world-known names as the participants, and local glossy editions wrote about KFW, as about a phenomenon and a new step of development of the domestic fashion industry.

Also it is not so mere words: KFW became the first platform, on which the vast majority of the Kazakhstan designers showed their first collections, received the first professional comments and got opportunity to watch for the work of colleagues.

Kazakhstan Fashion Week is not the simple part of domestic fashion-industry, but its direct background. When we are talking about Kazakhstan Fashion Week, we mean "the Kazakhstan fashion", and vice versa. With every new season we become stronger, more significant, more authoritative, we get development, and we give the chance for development to others, we study and we train, we find new friends and we generate ideas.

Kazakhstan is the young state, but our fashion culture cannot be compared with upturned virgin soil, because huge steps in the direction of support of local designers, partnership with foreign colleagues, and increases of recognition of KFW in the fashion world are taken. But we aren't going to stop on reached, already today defining development ways which will lead tomorrow the Kazakhstan Fashion Week (so, and the Kazakhstan fashion as a whole) to even bigger success.
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