H&M Studio fall/winter 2014 - women

H&M presents its Studio fall/winter 2014 collection.

The playful, sophisticated bohemian spirit of a woman of the 21st century is the look that prevails in the H&M Studio collection for this fall: unpretentious, charming, always ready for the evening.

Throughout the collection, the female element meets the male, with men's jackets, aviator and biker jackets worn over draped tops and dresses.
The collection will be sold in around 260 stores worldwide and online from September 4.

"I love the freedom of choice and the bohemian spirit of H & M Studio for autumn / winter 2014 Everything to do with feminine pieces, full of elegance and fun, worn with attitude," says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Head of Design, New Development.


  • The return of the slip dress as a key piece of a wardrobe, which based on thin straps and worn alone or layered with multiple outfits. Sometimes it is ribbed or with lace edgings.
  • The pieces that have been adopted by the hosiery, they add elegance of well-cut jacket or leather jacket in terms of biker.
  • A draped top with matching pants is the new suit. Meanwhile, the open shoulder is a point of emphasis in look with exposed or both shoulders or only one.
  • New wide trousers, often finishes with tuxedo details for permanent evening elegance.


  • Silk crepe and chiffon, for the most elegant slip dresses.
  • Leather or shiny and worn style or metallic.
  • Imitation fur style patchwork.
  • Velvet on top, dresses and a night version of the tracksuit.
  • The fine cashmere adds softness and transparency top with suspenders, sweaters and dresses.


  • Embroidery with sequins and stones, lacy knits, details of corduroy and taffeta, asymmetrical rails, intricate patchworks.


  • Black, dark blue, khaki, ivory, beige and gray with touches of pink bubble gum and bold zebra patterns.


  • Slip dresses, jacket biker, draped tops and trousers, aviator jackets, imitation fur coat style patchwork, baggy pants, cashmere knits.


  • Pointed boots with low or high heels placed in metal or leather patchwork, exofternes shoes, bonnets finish with imitation fur.

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