The colourful textiles of Mykonos

The Cultural Folklore Association of Women of Mykonos organised the exhibition: Textiles of Mykonos at the traditional house of Dede family, from 25/08 to 15/09/2014 in the Mykonos capital town.
It presents a retrospective-tribute to the women who tirelessly wove the colorful wefts which is an important part of the history and economy of the island.

The reputation of handmade textile of Mykonos once took a global dimension, now it is endangered. In textiles and clothing, weaving tools, photo galleries and publications in the press in that period, the exhibition attempts to present the evolution of the textile of Mykonos and sets its main objective to bring us back in touch with the art of the loom.
With the same intention Annezo Kousathana Micheli (Bebi) sets up her mother's loom Vjenoulas, with the help of Katina Kousathana Kouka (Wolf) weaver until today.

The exhibition is developed in two areas.
Starting from the workplace KDEPPAM, with the "delaro", the local name of the loom, presenting household textiles, weaving tools, and portraits of dozens of weavers of Mykonos.
The only Neoclassic building of the Dede - Venier - Fountoulaki family hosts mainly clothes and presents emblematic figures in the development of the textile of Mykonos. Among others, there will be the first commercially woven piece by Th. Charakopoulos with the "Mykonos border" and a woven skirt.

The exhibition could take place thanks to the support of the Department of Tourism of the South Aegean Region. The Cultural Women's Heritage Club of Mykonos and the Folklore Museum contributed substantially to the historical exhibits and more than 50 women of Mykonos offered pieces of personal and family collections. But mainly thanks to the hundreds of weaver cultural legacies, which the organisation hopes to preserve.

The exhibition could not be accomplished without the historical evidence offered by the forthcoming study by Demeter Nazou and Panagiotis Hatzidakis "The textile of Mykonos in the 20th century."

So don't miss it, it is only until the 15th of September!
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