Men spend more money on personal gifts than women.

Just a day for Valentine I read about a survey on personal gifts.

The survey was by MasterCard Treat Index and it reveals that we spend more and more money to personal gifts that make us feel better.

The MasterCard study conducted on more than 15,000 people in 17 countries and showed that both sexes are increasingly recognizing the value of personal gifts for our psychology, and revealed, contrary to common belief, that men spend more money than women. Nearly one in five men (18%) spends over € 100, twice as many as 8% of women who go to this expense.

Despite the fact that men spend more, women are those who truly believe in the influence of personal gifts for their mood: one in three men (33%) said that buying personal gifts to raise the psychology and for women the figure is more than half of the total (51%). Thus, while women do not spend much money, derive more joy from the little gifts by themselves.

It is also interesting that people do not feel guilty about such small "treatments" that raise their psychological (58%), reinforcing the findings of the previous year, according to which personal gifts are considered by most a basic right.

Joanna Mingou, Marketing Manager of MasterCard Greece, Cyprus and Malta commented: "The results of the investigation of the MasterCard Treat Index, on both European and Greek level, proving that our personal gifts make our mood.
The Greeks enjoy reward themselves with small or large gifts and recognize the importance they have in everyday life.

The survey also revealed that the approach of each of us, in terms of personal gifts, differs between countries and age groups.

With this survey I received a funny gif I am sharing here with you.

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