Unique wooden handbag by Leon

Today I was impressed by a wooden handbag at the Style Event of Van Waay in Benthuizen. This handbag is an eye-catcher.

This wooden handbag is a design by Leon.

The Leon handbag is really unique. No handbag is the same, because of the wooden ‘fingerprint’. The wood is extremely light and flexible.
The elegant handbag can easily contain a tablet, handy and much more.

For the interior Leon uses the best leather and suede. And has several small pockets so it is easier to find something in your handbag.

Each handbag comes with a detachable leather shoulderstrap.
And is in three kinds of wood:

  • American Oak: robust and natural 
  • Zebrano: striped and flashy 
  • Walnut: classic and warm

Leon is passionate about making beautiful design objects out of wood. He quit his job so he could really focus on creating things of beauty. After perfecting his skills, learning from master woodworker Brian Newell in California, Leon started to develop a wooden handbag for women. The result: a strong, flexible, elegant and pleasant to use handbag. Behold the proceeds of a journey that ended in success.

But he didn't design only a handbag also he created some accessories like a bag hanger and a telephone buddy.
Now he is developing a briefcase and a clutch. Can't wait to see them!

You can order your handbag (with or without accesories) on line. Maybe the price is a bit high but you have a unique, eye-catching and timeless accessory.
Leon offers free worldwide shipping. For more information see here.

Text source: Leon Dutch Design
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