Must wear for every stylish man: Bonne Clé

Yesterday at the elegant five-star hotel The Dylan in Amsterdam was the launch of the men's underwear brand Bonne Clé.
Stylist Bastiaan van Schaik presented the first (Black & White) collection of designer Burcin Kokmeijer-Dagli. The luxurious and comfortable underwear is a must wear for any man who enjoys the finer things in life!

The Black & White Collection Bonne Clé consists of stylish boxers and trunks, T-shirts with round neck and V-neck, tank tops and socks. Of course, the entire collection is made in black and white. The design is snug and fits under any outfit, so get ready to undress.

Durable and comfortable
By using lightweight Tencel fibers the products of Bonne Clé are ecologically. The Tencel fibers provide natural hygiene because moisture is absorbed directly into the fabric, preventing the growth of bacteria.
Also, no chemicals are used in the extraction of Tencel and it is more absorbent than cotton fabric, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Thus, the products of Bonne Clé guarantee quality and premium comfort.

Burcin Kokmeijer-Dagli: "It struck me that for women lingerie exists where a lot of attention, love and perfection is in, but this is not true for men. Not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally, there is no brand that focuses solely and exclusively on high quality men's underwear. My desire was born to launch a high-quality fashion brand under the magic combination of materials, fit and design. After intensive research into this combination, I knew for sure. Bonne Clé had to see the light of day."

The Black & White Collection Bonne Clé is available through
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