Braccialini: unique, creative & playful

Reading the blog of Kate Illustrate I was intrigued by the wonderful bag Kate was holding with her black and white outfit.
This bag is one of the lovely bags by Braccialini.
Braccialini has understand the question: "What makes a bag essential for a woman?" and "What promise is hidden in this magnet object of desire?" by creating unique, dreamlike bags like a must-play game of fun.

Braccialini started back in 1954, by Robert and Carla Braccialini in Florence, Italy with a first craft laboratory of bags. Last year Braccialini celebrated 60 years of creativity with the publication of the book "Le borse delle meraviglie" (Bags of wonder), it is a tightly-packed collection of documents, designs, sketches and historic images: from the first bag made of leather and paviera reed to the imaginative jewel-encrusted bags the brand produces today.

Playfulness, uniqueness and Made in Italy are the benchmark values that assure the unmistakable recognition of a Braccialini handbag and that have allowed for the company’s rapid expansion worldwide (Europe, Russia, Japan, Middle East, China and Korea).

As written on the site of Braccialini, the handbags are conceived for the woman who loves to be noticed, who wants to be original and ahead of the times with a style of her own that escapes the dictates of fashion rules. Braccialini handbags tell a story and raise emotions, moving beyond set boundaries and honoring the highest of craftsmanship values.

Here a glimpse of the creative collection, but to be honest there are too many to show here...

The ad campaign for the collection of spring 2015.

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