Claudia Danna Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Claudia Danna presents her 'Involution to the Comfort Zone' collection for fall-winter 2016-2017.
The world of Claudia Danna is ephemeral, experimental, introspective and beyond the common standards of beauty.

The concept of the 'Involution to the Comfort Zone' is about a defensive mental function, about the escape backwards to a comfortable dimension: an ideal childhood, where you can feel safe from adversity. These ideas are materially translated in Claudia's collection.

The color choices are expressed through the pastel palettes of face powder, cornflower blue and camel, that collide with the intense blue and brown shades, until the hot mustard, bright as the space white.

Spongy, soft and enveloping fabrics, microfiber, bouclé texture, shaved fur, chenille velvet and rough crêpe are used. All to give the collection a solid, liquid and aeriform look.

About Claudia Danna

Everything began in an old embroidery lab, in the heart of Rome. The learning of the ancient techniques of embroidery was an essential starting point to experiment and create a unique product, applying the traditional handcrafted “Made in Italy” on innovative surfaces.

Forms and volumes are inspired by the avant-garde and, at the same time, by ancestral ideas, archetypes and symbols. The concept of temporary is the protagonist. Every collection represents a fragment of an evolutionary process. In the same way, the fabrics and the construction of the clothes constantly change, just as human mind and body do.

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