Amazing bracelets @ Rêveries

Today I had the pleasure to visit Rêveries. Rêveries is a shop inside the restaurant Tot Zo! Eten en Drinken in Zoetermeer.

I saw some amazing bracelets. They look like belts but they aren't. These bracelets are designed by a Marieke Tinholt for a dutch brand called Rove, using leathers, metal and natural stones.
I love also the wooden box that comes with the bracelet.
Here a glimpse of the collection.

And while shopping you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a great meal. From the early morning you can enjoy your breakfast, later on you can enjoy your lunch and in the evening your dinner!
And all these time the shop is open!

And the good news is when you can't visit the shop, Anneke, the owner will send them to you! For more information visit Rêveries.

Amazing bracelets @ Rêveries Amazing bracelets @ Rêveries Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 9:48:00 AM Rating: 5

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