Wondering about natural products - My visit to Weleda

As I am visiting fashion events I often return home with a goody bag. Most of the times these goody bags contain beauty products. For me to test the new products of several cosmetics companies.  Each company promising eternal youth and beauty.
To be honest when I use brand A or brand B I really don't see any difference. Sometimes I prefer one texture above an other but I don't see any difference in the result.

My attention was attracted by Weleda, they don't claim anything, they just "provide us the wonders of nature". Their mission is to give everyone the experience of extraordinary wellbeing.

Visiting Weleda in Zoetermeer

So maybe it is time to test some of these 100% natural products. I am lucky to live in Zoetermeer, the headquarter of Weleda Benelux is situated here so by bicycle I can visit this company. Starting the day with a 25 minutes bicycle ride and being environmental-friendly!

The company in Zoetermeer produces mainly medicines but also provide some ingredients for the skincare products as the company is surrounded by a biodynamic garden.

Field of Marigold Flowers in Zoetermeer - Calendula

I loved the field of marigolds flowers (Calendula), by only seeing the yellow-orange flowers you already feel great but this flower has also medicinal benefits, especially for the skin.

Close up of a marigold flower with a busy bee!

During my tour I visited the biodynamic garden and the compounding pharmacy and was intrigued by the methods Weleda uses for their products.

After lunch it was time to test some of the face care products of Weleda. First I cleaned my face with a sensitive care cleansing lotion of almond and a warm wash towel, with the smell of rosemary.
As I didn't know which face care to use, I started with two serums. One on the left side of my face and the other on the right side. One of Pomegranate and the other Evening Primrose. I loved the texture of the Evening Primrose serum. My skin 'slurped' it in.

Pomegranate or Evening Primrose ?

But continuing with the day cream of Evening Primrose on the right it didn't feel good. The texture wasn't right for my skin. But also the Pomegranate day cream wasn't what I expected. Wanda, the beautician, advised me to use the Almond Facial Cream light and it felt great!

Another reason to use the products of Weleda is the idea of 100% natural products. I never used it for a longer period so I will try it for three months and let you know!

The beauty industry is booming. Skin care, make-up, hair care and perfumes, everyone has some products in their closet. Many international companies are promising the world to you but don't forget  the impact on the environment with all these synthetic products. So start by looking at the label of your skin care products and start questioning which ingredients doesn't add anything to your personal health.
Natrue, a non-profit association is committed to promote and protect natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide. So maybe start to look for their logo.

But I am still wondering about the benefits of natural products. If it is so much better for our health why is not everyone using it? Or why the beauty industry is not only using natural products? As it seems better for our skin, our health but also for nature in general.

So whatever product you use, let us never forget that natural beauty comes from within.
So beauty starts with inner work! I totally agree with Jayn Sterland, managing director of Weleda UK on this.

Natural ingredients for skincare

More photos of my visit and a review in dutch at my website.
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