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Working for many years in the fashion industry I was shocked by reading a post by Heidy Rehman about the fashion industry. She claims that the fashion industry is the world's second most polluting industry, after oil. 25% of the world's chemicals are used for textile production. Around 10% of the world's global carbon emissions result from the apparel & textile industry. The textile industry uses more water than any other industry apart from agriculture.

Fashion for GoodSo it is time to make a change! I can make a change by using more often my clothes and by buying sustainable clothing. But I admit sometimes I am seduced by a trendy fashionable item and at that moment I don't think about anything anymore I just want to have it!

It helps to be conscious but the fashion industry itself has to look also how to improve themselves. So I enjoyed reading about Fashion for Good™. It is a global platform for innovation, made possible through collaboration and community.

The C&A Foundation is one of the initiators of Fashion for Good™. It enables the daring invention and widespread adoption of good fashion practice with ‘The Five Goods’: Good Materials, Good Economy, Good Energy, Good Water and Good Lives.

The Five Goods represent an aspirational framework we can all use to work towards a world in which we do not simply take, make, waste, but rather take, make, renew, restore. 
William McDonough, co-founder, Fashion for Good

With an initial grant by founding partner C&A Foundation and an open invitation to the entire apparel industry to join, Fashion for Good convenes brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, non-profit organisations, innovators and funders united in their shared ambition.

Fashion for Good Experience in Amsterdam

For us, as customers, we can be more conscious and the Fashion for Good Experience in Amsterdam will help us! The opening will be in the first week of October.
The Experience will be an interactive technology-driven museum focusing on sustainable and circular fashion and innovation.
The museum aims to change the hearts and minds of visitors by helping them discover the stories behind their clothes, learn how they can take action and explore how they can have an impact on both an industry and international level.
The museum will challenge guests to not only appreciate the aesthetics of fashion, but to actively contribute to making fashion good. Through a digital and personalised journey, visitors can learn about the history of good fashion, discover more sustainable products and explore future fashion innovations.

One of the key exhibits in the museum is an Innovation Lounge where guests can discover over 50 amazing innovators who are about to disrupt the fashion industry. This space answers questions like:

  • How is biodegradable glitter made? 
  • Can a dress be made from mushroom roots? 
  • How can blockchain technology make the garment production process more transparent? 

During the visit, actions and badges can be collected via an RFID-enabled bracelet, so that visitors are motivated to commit to personal change and positive action in the way they relate to fashion. This will be turned into a personalised digital Good Fashion Action Plan that visitors can take home.

Additionally, the museum will also feature a concept store called The Good Shop where, every three months, a curated capsule collection will be revealed. A mix of international brands and up-and-coming labels will be included, to show visitors what innovations are out there and demonstrate that sustainable fashion can be beautiful at different price points.

The first collection is called “Splash: Rethinking the Role of Water in Fashion” and features innovative pieces from adidas x Parley, Kings of Indigo, ECOALF, Insane in the Rain, Karün and Miss Bay.

As a whole the museum will contain interactive activations that let visitors get creative. In the Design Studio, visitors can design their own Cradle to Cradle Certified™ GOLD T-shirt and print it on demand. Featuring live projections and digital design technology, this maker space will be an immersive area for interacting with the main themes of the Experience.
Visitors can also strike a pose in the Good GIF booth and send it to a visually-striking Impact Cascade installation to demonstrate their commitment.

For more information of Fashion for Good visit the website.

Source: Press Release
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