MANGO committed, all about sustainable fashion

Sustainability is the keyword for MANGO Committed collection. In March MANGO will launch its new collection at and in selected stores worldwide.
The MANGO Committed is for men and women, made up of garments manufactured with sustainable materials.

Raquel Zimmermann and Mathias Lauridsen are captured by Josh Olins with the collaboration of Aleksandra Woriniecka in the styling. The venue chosen was the iconic Maison Gaudet, a masterpiece of organic architecture by Antti Lovag, located in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, southeastern of France.

The fabrics used in the collection are environmentally-friendly: organic and recycled cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel ®. They are dyed with environmentally-friendly inks in a palette of neutral colours. All garments in the collection have international certificates guaranteeing their sustainable origin and are manufactured in nearby factories in Portugal, Turkey and Morocco.

MANGO continues its project Take Action, aiming at creating a business model based on  sustainability criteria and more environmentally-friendly processes. MANGO committed is one of these projects.

Take Action project MANGO is aware of the importance of carrying out its day-to-day activities adopting environmentally-friendly and sustainable development criteria in all areas of its business. This is why, for some years now, it has worked on various initiatives which are now included in the Take Action project.
All leather and fur garments in the MANGO collection are manufactured respecting animal rights, and exotic, wild or endangered species are never used. Such hides always originate from animals destined for the human food chain.

Source: press release
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