Coded Couture, a data dress especially for you!

Dress to impress is now possible with a dress especially designed for you. With Coded Couture by Ivyrevel it will be possible. Coded Couture developed with the help of Google a technology that allow them to create a unique outfit for you. Based on your personality, on how you live your life and to boost your confidence.

Kenza Zouiten with her Data Dress by Ivyrevel and Google
Kenzo Zouiten, co-founder of Ivyrevel in her Data Dress by Coded Couture

Later this year Code Couture will launch an app. By following you for one week of your life they will present you their data dress, especially designed for you and for the occasion you need it!

Coded Couture app by Ivyrevel

At the moment the app is only available in closed beta stage, and is currently being tested by selected global style influencers including Ivyrevel’s co-founder Kenza Zouiten. The film below follows Kenza as she creates the first ever Data Dress.
Over the coming months, other influencers will share stories as their very own Data Dresses are created, and how their lifestyle has been captured by technology in a dress for the very first time.

Interested? You can register at Coded Couture as they are looking for early adopters and you will have a chance to win your first data dress!

Coded Couture is an initiative by Ivyrevel's Fashion Tech Lab. Ivyrevel is the world's first digital fashion house and is founded in 2013 with the ambition to merge fashion creativity with technological innovation, committed to shaping the future of fashion.

Source: Press Release
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