Did you get your copy of RE FUSE magazine?

RE FUSE is a glossy fashion magazine,  launched during Amsterdam Fashion Week and is looking for sponsors to spread the word. By ordering one copy, 10 more can be printed and so the word can be spread.

It is created through collaboration between artists and refugees from many different places leading to another aesthetic and positive view on the refugee issue. An initiative by Olfa Ben Ali.

Dutch fashion designers Bas Kosters, Esther Meijer and Liselore Frowijn among many others contributed to this glossy.

During the launch Saro, a refugee and artist told an impressive story, Geertjan de Vugt quoted a piece of text he wrote for the magazine and the enthusiast Olfa Ben Ali won our hearts.

The drawings on the print are by refugee children at Bijlmer AZC

Created with original life vest fabric from Lesbos

Refuse Magazine is aiming to give back dignity to the people who left behind their scarce and wet belongings at the shores of the Mediterranean.

Interested? Order your copy on Voordekunst.nl

Did you get your copy of RE FUSE magazine? Did you get your copy of RE FUSE magazine? Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 10:40:00 AM Rating: 5

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