Beyonce's pregnancy photos inspired by art

Almost everybody has seen the photos of Beyonce's pregnancy. As more than 10 million liked her photos on instagram. But what made this photo so special?

According to Ellen de Generes Beyonce was inspired by the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, according to Wim Pijbes, she was inspired by the flemish painters Hendrik van Balen, Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Breughel the younger.

Jan Breughel The Younger                       Virgin Mary of Guadalupe                              Peter Paul Rubens       

The garland of flowers stands for fertility and it is a great way of announcing her pregnancy in this way. As Ellen de Generes says she is expecting the savior, twice! Looking for a better world...

So a lot of hidden messages in this photo! Making it the talk of the world.

The use of well known art works is common in photography. Well know photographers are also getting their inspiration of it and art directors in fashion shoots.

Also Beyonce's interpretation of Venus van Urbino by Titian is worth to examine.

And the inspiration.

Titian took his inspiration from Giorgino's painting. So even in old days well-known artists copied or better to say got inspired by previous work.

Watch Wim Pijbes review on De Wereld draait door (only in dutch).


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