Alexandra Frida @ Amsterdam Fashion Week

Alexandra Frida showed a colourful collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week inspired by the fairytale The Arabian Nights.

As the storyteller Scheherazade told "1001" exciting stories in 'A thousand and one nights' to prevent her from being killed by her husband, the king, Alexandra Frida's collection was as diverse and full colour as the fairytale.

With embroidery, crochet, knitwear, lace, prints, velvet and fake fur. With trendy bomber jackets, pleated long skirts, palazzo pants and overcoats. In gold, red, purple, pink, lilac and black. With beads, sequins and gemstones.

Each model wore glasses by EyeWish Opticiens. Alexandra Frida decorated some pieces with a small flower, other had eyewear chains with her signature.

And beetles were walking around as in jewellery!

Enjoy scrolling down!

Emma Hagers for Alexandra Frida

Jolie van Dijk for Alexandra Frida Amsterdam Fashion Week 2017

Eyewish Opticiens presents Alexandra Frida

Eyewish Opticiens feat. Alexandra Frida - Model Jolie van Dijk

A true fairytale!

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