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Thursday night at Expresso Fashion in the City Center of Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, Ramona and Sandra informed the guests about the trends for spring 2016. The styling duo gave practical tips such as the right clothes for your body type, how to avoid ladders in your tights and how to remove yellow armpit stains from your white blouses or shirts!

Their presentation was supported by the sales ladies of Expresso, the women showed the Sparkling Spring collection divided into four themes.

Today the ideal female body shape is the hourglass,  slim waist with shoulders and hips evenly proportioned, from size 34 upto size 44! Show these curves by wearing the right clothes.
But not everyone has an hourglass body.

Ramona and Sandra know how to dress you to get the hourglass effect! Along with the models of Expresso it became clear that you can look beautiful, whether you're a rectangle, an apple or a pear! A rectangle is straight up and down, an apple is thick around the middle and a pear is larger at the bottom.
As Ramona says: "I am an apple, but also a pink lady!"

Expresso has divided its spring collection into four themes:
Spring is in the air with a lot of blue tones and the color of wheat fields in the sun, linen and cotton, broderie anglaise and knitwear.

So graphics is using only black and white and a little red in the color palette, pure and minimalist are the forms. The theme Suits Forever combines perfectly with it. Suits Forever are basic items that should hang in every women's wardrobe!

The white and black blouse with a cotton front and jersey sleeves and back is the perfect replacement of the cotton blouse. So basic that you can combine it with almost everything.

The Water Colours theme brings the colors azure, gray and bright blue, jacquards and shine fabrics, prints of scales and batik. As Sandra said: "The mermaid is back!".

Some reactions of the guests:

"I know how I can dress but these styling tips gave me a boost and something as simple as how you wear your scarf can make a difference! It was a great night, thanks Denise and Expresso Fashion!"

"We are from Leiderdorp and enjoyed the styling evening for such events we love to visit Zoetermeer!"

"I enjoyed it very much, it was a great evening!"

After the information and the show, the styling tips were put into practice, the sales team of Expresso ensured that all the guests went home with a fashionable outfit.  Among them,  three winners of the lottery: a nice scarf, a leather look bag and a voucher for 250 euros!

The hair of the models was done by Cosmo Hairstyling and shoes were by Dorell Shoes in Rokkeveen.

Read also on Expresso that the company supports sustainable fashion in a previous post!

The welcome drink!
And a special thank you for Ramona and Sandra, for their advise!

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