My visit to Make-Up Academy

Today I visited Make-Up Academy in Zoetermeer. It was an open day to introduce us about the possibilities of Make-Up Academy.

Karen Krist, the founder of Make-Up Academy was working as make-up artist for many years, when people were asking her for workshops and seminars so she decided to open an academy besides her work as MUA.

Since seven years she works as educator but she keeps in touch with the beauty industry and also gives her pupils the opportunity to join her on assignments.

Make Up Academy provides full education to MUA but also workshops, just for you and your friends to learn about concealers, foundations, make up, colours to use, etc.

And as I visited the academy, Angeline, one of the graduates, did my make up and see the result!

Without make up

The products Angeline used for my make up

And the result

My visit to Make-Up Academy My visit to Make-Up Academy Reviewed by Patricia Munster on 11:44:00 AM Rating: 5


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