Woden Spring-Summer 2016

WODEN presents its spring-summer collection for 2016. The collection has been expanded with new colors and materials. Style and quality are the main core values of WODEN. The sneakers have a pure Scandinavian design without losing the old-school sneaker style.

The ladies version is feminine, elegant and yet tough.

YDUN Full Grain White Leather

NORA New Rose

The men's version is cool in its simplicity.

KOEN Black

SIGGI Textile white black

The sneakers are designed with the utmost care and developed with a focus on using the most natural materials, such as the anatomically shaped cork insole. This footbed supports the bottom and heel of the foot. Cork has the same features as leather, it is shockproof and moisture-absorbent.

WODEN state for Works of Denmark, the origin of the shoe brand is in this Scandinavian country where it was founded in 2013 by Peter Hildebrandt and Carsten Holm.
WODEN is a typical Scandinavian sneaker brand with style.

The unisex leather shoes and sneakers are produced and developed by the best manufacturers in this segment.

WODEN has more than 500 points of sale in Europe, including 120 in the Netherlands.

The name WODEN can also be associated with the Norse god Odin in Norse mythology.
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