HAIR! Human hair in fashion & art

HAIR! is on exhibition at the Central Museum in Utrecht until the 29th of May.

Male might, female seduction: ‘hair’ winds its way through history like a connecting thread. Human hair is incorporated into jewellery and fashion, is used for artworks and installations, and is found in a diversity of forms – especially on the body itself.

 Art Direction: Glamcult Studio Fotografie: Ruud van der Peijl

Hair is an intriguing and controversial subject, especially since it is, literally, so close to humankind.

Remarkably enough, this theme has never been the subject of comprehensive research. The Centraal Museum is breaking new ground by staging a major exhibition (1,000 m2) about this unique material. HAIR! is about the art and the knowledge, the historical and the topical, providing new insights about this topic. However, the main focus is on hair as a statement.
The exhibition is a quest and an adventure that explores the employment of this unique material and will involve the visitor being invited to make an active contribution to the exhibition.

The exhibition has been conceived on the basis of cultural-historical research, focusing on developments in fashion and the visual arts. HAIR! therefore includes designs by boundary-breaking, international fashion designers and artists who have been inspired by this material, such as ‘Babe’, the hairy pumps made by Zhu Tian, 2013.

Zhu Tian 'Babe' 2013 Rubber, human hair, pigment
HAIR! boasts works by renowned international artists like Charlie Le Mindu, Julien d’Ys, Christiaan Houtenbos, Zoran Todorovic, Bob Recine and Silvia B.

The exhibition was compiled by Ninke Bloemberg and designed by Harm Rensink and Niek Pulles.

For more information and opening hours: Centraal Museum

Source: press release

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