Professional Imaging 2016 - Inspiration & Information

This weekend it was all about professional imaging, a fair for photographers in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.

The possibility to see a lot of new gear but also the possibility to follow workshops full of valuable information and inspiration by well-know professionals.

The first workshop I followed was by Joel Grimes, a creative artist, an illusionist, as he calls himself.  He creates dramatic portraits with his wide-angle lens. Creating an illusion of 3D, as a photo is always 2D.
He showed us the importance of emotions in a photo: I want to meet this character, be in this amazing place, do it or taste it!
Joel Grimes told us about the fear of rejection, there is no definition of art, so there are people who don't like your photo as you don't like all kind of music. Think as an artist while photographing! You have to power to create something unique, so do it!

Live Photo Shoot
Joel Grimes

Little Shao informed us about the beauty of movement, this french photographer frames his movement with high speed lighting. As dancer himself he also knows when to take the photo and pushing his boundaries. He took a dancer up to the Opera building in Paris.

Roderique better known as Dracorubio showed us the possibilities of Photoshop, creating pieces of art! And showing us that wedding photos don't have to be always romantic with his crazy wedding photos.

Ahmet Polat told his story from street photographer to high fashion and back. With inspiring fashion photos taken in Turkey.

Martin Hogeboom, a dutch photographer, showed us that you don't need studio lighting for great shots. With flashes he painted the light as an old master would do.

Brett Florens inspired the crowd about poses, body language in a photo is important. Brett is a wedding photographer and told us that you take not only photos for the bride and groom, but also for their parents, their friends, the make up artist, the hairstylist, the designer so you can expand your reach. But don't show all the photos to all of them. To the parents the romantic ones, to the friends the sexy ones, etc.

Bart van de Wiele gave tips and tricks in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It is amazing how many options these programs have!

It were three days full of inspiration and information, compliments to the organisation for flying in such inspiring and professional speakers!

P.S. The photos are taken with my smartphone...
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