My first piece of Artwear by Darousso

In the afternoon the doorbell rang and the postman delivered me a package from Greece. It was well packed and I wanted to open it very careful.

When I opened the box in the brown paper a yellow box with a blue string appeared and a small card was attached.
photographer Patricia Munster
The yellow box with a blue string and a lovely card
Opening the card, I read a very kind message by Dusanka Duric.

Fashionblogger Patricia Munster

I met Dusanka in 2008 in Athens when I just started photographing as professional. Now Dusanka has launched her own brand and I am proud of her. Because she doesn't design just great pieces but she also cares for the environment. Her Artwear collection is zero-waste, which means creating environmentally friendly fashion without creating waste.
Each piece of her Artwear collection is unique as it is hand painted, there aren't two exactly the same!

Fashionblogger Patricia Munster
A sneak preview
For those who can't wait reading more about her Artwear collection visit!

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