Street Art Festival in Thessaloniki

More than 200 artists of music, dance, graffiti, comic, animation, visual arts and even many from around the world will be on the 15th and 16th of June at the Street Art Festival (SAF), the largest youth festival in Thessaloniki and one of the largest in the Balkans.

For two days at the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki, under the organizational responsibility of the team of SAF and TIF-Helexpo, different festivals will give the pulse of street art, tying on an explosive mixture of live music, dance, visual interventions, live graffiti and extreme sports in an environment of creation and fun.
Focusing on youthfulness and freedom of expression in June the city will be filled with color and will become an incubator of ideas and place of social-artistic ferment.

The Street Art Festival held this year for the third time and will include:
  • 24 hours live music with a rich line up: 12ος Πίθηκος (12th Monkey), Πίθηκος, Βόρεια Αστέρια (Northern Star), Ρόδες United (Wheels United), Active Member at the close of their career, the American legends of Hip Hop SickJacken (Psycho Realm), Slaine (La Coka Nostra) and finally the hip hop funkers Herbaliser Ful Band are some of these names are for the first time in Greece and specifically in this year's SAF. 
  • over 50 graffiti / street artists, performing on a 100 meter wall in live action.
  • seminaria and workshops for those who love comics and sculpture figure of animation, beatmaking-DJ Scratching, skating, inline and BMX.
  • a unique presentation of innovative 3D pen that has stimulated the imagination of those who have attended! For the first time in Greece! 
  • 8 renowned dance teachers in seminars, voguing, waacking, new style, hip hop, dancehall from Greece and abroad. 
  • 11 Individual dance groups, who will present the award winning choreography in a unique live dance show.
In the two events held so far, more than 40 worldwide recognized street artists, 30 of the freshest musical groups of the country, fearless young-lovers of extreme sports and more than 15,000 visitors met, co-create, moved. Meanwhile, worldwide award-winning street dance schools in Greece have brought the rhythms from the Las Vegas scene at the Street Art Festival.

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