Daphne Stergides @ Six D.O.G.S.

Yesterday evening at Six Dogs Project Space in the center of Athens Daphne Stergides opened her exhibition “Cool as a lobster, red as a cucumber”.

Nikos Molyvas entertained the guests with his music while the guests had a look at the drawings by Daphne.

Daphne used ink and watercolor and for each artwork she had given a unique name. Like Claiming a War Horse on a Pink Mountain, All I Do is Try, And Try, And Try, Last Night Wasn’t So Much Fun After All.

Until the 10th of December you can visit the exhibition, I loved the artworks with the many colours like the one on the left on the photo. Six D.O.G.S. is in Monastiraki, Avramiotou 6-8.

About the exhibition
Cool as a lobster, red as a cucumber explores notions of the absurd, the liminal spaces between sense and nonsense, chaos and order. The fragmented bodies reflect the non-linear narratives of the drawings and vice versa; things that could almost be, aren’t: can an individual zebra, destined to be lost within a sea of sameness, feel alienated?

Just as human nature is often defined in arbitrarily contracted binaries and thus extremely untidy, the ecosystem of dedicate creatures presented in the exhibition is of questionable morals and motives, neither good or bad: the beings exist in a universe of constant struggle, despair and fear, but are occasionally sprinkled with small crumbs of delight.

About the artist

Daphne Stergides was born in Paris in 1988 and grew up in Athens, Greece. She holds a bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Cranbook Art Academy in Detroit. She has exhibited in group and solo shows in the United States and in Europe.

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