My first self-portrait

Inspired by Miss Aniela I started to photograph my self for a self-portrait today.

Two months ago I read the book 'Self-Portrait Photography: The Ultimate in Personal Expression' a book by Natalie Dybisz also known as Miss Aniela but I was still looking for inspiration.

Than a colleague photographer Saskia Bagchus started to promote her green screen photography and I was thinking about it how to do it too.

After seeing Star Wars - The Force Awakens I wanted to step into Rey's shoes, played by Daisy Ridley. Since a little girl I loved watching Star Wars and the new episode I enjoyed most. It has a lot of humor, action and impressive shots but also some moments that I had to wipe away a tear. All ingredients I like about a film!

So with all this information I started to photograph myself in front of a green screen, trying to get the same lighting as was used for Daisy.
In photoshop I removed the green screen and added it to the filmposter of Star Wars and see here the result!

Sorry Daisy I couldn't resist replacing you be me!
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