Marie de la Roche Pre Fall 2016 handbags

Marie de la Roche shows us that a handbag hasn't to follow conventional bag standards. She turns these handbags into pieces of wearable art.

The handbag line focuses on premium artisanal craftsmanship with haute couture details, always expressed in a really fun way. For this season’s inspiration they used the idea of a deconstructed Sultan’s garden emphasized by playful texture elements.

Here a glimpse of her preview 2016 collection.

Marie de la Roche handbag - red with white

Marie de la Roche bag orange with taupe and white

About Marie
Marie is a dreamer who finds inspiration in the many places she calls home. Her work has been influenced by the different global ideas of beauty and beautification of one self. She found her call in creating complex beautiful forms whilst breaking the mold of what is known as traditional accessories in the luxury market.

Inspired by how handbags are universal and democratic, always adding extra dash to one's magic style recipe, she wanted to create a lovely piece for you to treasure for years to come. And so she set out to create a different brand where everyone gets to be their most exotic and confident self, a brand where its items are so special its owner falls out of any category and instead she becomes universally cool, universally chic, universally more of that who she already is.

Be Bold or go home is Marie's motto, enjoy life and show the world your colors is her ethos, always focusing in fantastic quality and exquisite materials.

Marie de la Roche handbag

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