A World of Feathers in Leiden

Today I had the pleasure to visit the exhibition "A World of Feathers" at the Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden. I saw impressive designs by Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier and learnt a lot about why people wear feathers all over the world and not only in fashion.

Butterfly dress by Thierry Mugler
"People wear feathers to make an impression. They have done so all over the world for centuries. Feathers are dazzling, they are distinctive and yet they also connect; they are seductive, exclusive and stylish. The greatest couturiers use them, they are worn by royalty all round the world and they have given many indigenous peoples – from Papua New Guinea to North America – iconic status. "

Very beautiful and impressive feather objects are now on display for the first time.
I also learned about different feather techniques and about dyeing feathers.
One hall, a cage, is dedicated to the birds. As the industry is asking for more and more feathers birds are threatened by extinction.
So students of Artez were asked to create dresses and shawls with an alternative for feathers. These designs are on display.

Especially for the fashion lovers feathered creations by leading couturiers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler are represented in this exhibition.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Fall 2015

And designs by Stephen Jones the creator of couture hats. "As feathers give height and elegance and there's something very sexy about them."

This hat is more a traditional one, found in Korea

Yiqing Yin was inspired by the Chinese myth of Nüwa for this 'cage dress'.
Also the dress by Vettorello inspired by Hestia, a greek goddess with feathers and organza and a coat by Fong Leng are must sees in this exhibition.

So see you in Leiden at Museum Volkenkunde!

By the way it wasn't snow but feathers!

Sorry for the quality of the photos as I took them this time with my smartphone.

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