Deux Hommes @ Madwalk 2017

MAD celebrated its 7th MadWalk, The Fashion Music Project.  Greek fashion designers and brands participated in fashion shows while greek singers gave live performances.
In this post a glimpse of Deux Hommes, a greek designer duo.

Deux Hommes presented its latest creations while Demy, Eurovision 2017 contestant for Greece, performed her "This is Love".

Deux Hommes at Madwalk 2017

Deux Hommes at Madwalk 2017 - red creation

Deux Hommes at Madwalk 2017 - runwayshow

Demy, Eurovision Contestant 2017 for Greece
Demy "This is Love"

Demy in a creation by Deux Hommes

Photos courtesy of Madwalk by Panoulis Photography.
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