Grace Coddington's message for Women's day

Grace Coddington draw a great illustration for women's day 2017 and I love it! Grace takes a stand in women's rights as they are human rights.
As you probably know Grace and I are cat lovers so the T-shirt is not only a must have for the message but also for her illustration of the cats! Just a must-have item!

Marc Jacobs printed the illustration of Grace Coddington on a T-shirt and a tote. The items are available online in the U.S.. All net proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood NYC. While supplies last.

Living in a country that women's rights are not a real issue anymore. I feel I have the same rights as any other human. But I would appreciate more rights for pets and animals in general! They are not products so in many countries law makers should consider this and adjust their laws.
They are living creatures too!

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